Quantum magazine

Cover of November/December 1991 issue by artist: Leonid Tishkov, "Certificate of Design Excellence," Print magazine


Sublime of the Memory

Sublime of the Memory. Three levels. 2016. Fabric, photos, crocheting in Sign of Memory exhibition in State Arts Library from 6th July


Dabloids in NCCA

Dabloids installation ,1989, DADA festival in National Center for Contemporary Arts, Moscow
until 19 June 2016


Dabloids, scroll, 1000 cm x 110 cm, paper, ink, acrylic, 1989

Light works in MAMM

Snowangel and Private moon, 2003

Buckets with Light, 2009

Shoes Boxes with Stars, 2009

Shoes Box with Stars, 2009

Snowangel,video, 1998
Russian Space exhibition in Multimedia art Museum, Moscow until August 2016


Look Homeward exhibition in Perm

LOOK HOMEWARD exhibition in Perm State Art Museum from 28 April until 14 August 2016


Diver Lighthouse

2009-2016. Bronze, metal, LEDs.

“Diver-Lighthouse” was devised by a famous Soviet sculptor Vera Mukhina who became widely known for her “Worker and Kolkhoz Woman” monument, constructed in 1937. The size of the sculpture in a form of the lighthouse was supposed to reach over 40 meters and be located on the rocky cost of the Black Sea in Crimea but wasn’t embodied. Contemporary artist Leonid Tishkov implemented this avant-garde idea as the public art object dedicated to Russian divers.


Private Moon in Norilsk

Private Moon in the Arctic in Norilsk Art Gallery from 8 April until 22 May 2016. Exhibition "Space Landing" of contemporay russian 
artist dedicated of 55th anniversary of  first flight of Yury Gagarin


Secret Signs

Secret Signs, 1986. Canvas, oil, 70 cv x 60 cm. Exhibition "And even with glasses" by Kovcheg gallery
in The Pushkin Museum  Prechistinka str. 12/2 from Match 10 until the end of May 2016


Look Homeward

Look Homeward exhibition until March 1th 2016 in Museum Centre "Peace Square" in Krasnoyarsk. 


Derelict Utopia

Leonid Tishkov.Ruins of Memory: Missa Solemnis from Leonid Tishkov on Vimeo.

Abandoned Utopia: The Ice Skate Factory

Leonid Tishkov 

“Abandoned Utopia: The Ice Skate Factory” is an aesthetic, archeological and sociological interpretation of field studies of a ruined industrial landscape of Verkhoturye and creation of an ideal museum from the Ice Skate Factory of Verkhoturye. The exhibition includes multimedia installation “Cathedral of Workers of the Ice Skate Factory”, sculpture “Ever Higher and Higher and Higher!”, video and photographs “Ruins of Memory: Missa Solemnis” and also a documentary film “End of the Working Day”.
“We present an imaginary museum of the Ice Skate Factory as a museum-cathedral of individual people, united by their erstwhile labor at the factory. The industrial era substituted cathedrals for factories, and this process went even further in the Soviet Union, where religion was abolished, and factories were perceived as spiritual and quasi-religious centers. In 1997 the Ice Skate Factory at Verkhoturye was closed. So we have built transparent walls for the cathedral-museum of the Ice Skate Factory in which to house the souls of all those who once dwelled in these shops, stood at the work benches, ground the blades, affixed them to the soles of the shoes, stacked them neatly in boxes, and performed quality control.” 

Leonid Tishkov